• Maybe your current brokerage relationship has gotten too small for where you think your business should be going. To find a fit, you need to take your measurements.     A lot of advisors feel that the professional relationships they pick early in their career should last them until they retire. Nothing could be further from the truth.  
  • Advisors who take the time to figure out their strategic priorities now have better options when it’s time to make their next career move.      A fee-only RIA reactivating a brokerage relationship may shock industry commentators, but that’s exactly what I ran across a few months ago.    
  • Pershing and Schwab are promoting “hybrid” advisor affiliation as the next big thing, but independent reps need a lot more than buzz to sign up. Here's some guidance about the hybrid model.     A decade ago, it was unusual for an advisor to actively pursue a business model in which he is paid both commission and management fees.  
  • San Francisco RIA sold his $30 million book to a larger competitor. What wirehouse would have bought clients it already owned? The story of San Francisco registered investment advisor Sylvan H. Kline Jr. recently crystallized a few of my thoughts on long-term career planning for advisors.
  • Your clients get a plan that will last them throughout their careers, so why are most advisors still focused on instant gratification?     There’s a real sense in the wirehouses right now that with top-line transition packages trending at above 3 years production at the very high end, this is a chance in a lifetime for every advisor to call a recruiter, take the check, and retire three years early.